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Paul Hughes Video introduction

Paul Hughes MMA

Paul Hughes fighting out of Belfast Northern Ireland is on the verge of taking the MMA world by storm.


With a professional record of 4 wins no losses  - he is currently preparing for his 5th professional fight scheduled for Cage Warriors Manchester Saturday the 7th March 2020 live on BT Sport and UFC Fight Pass.

Team Hughes...

While Paul trains as a full time athlete, he is currently coaching part time to help fund his training, coaching, and living costs.

Relying on many sponsors to fund travel, medical and other costs to prepare and compete on a fight by fight basis.

Paul's fan base and social media interactions are world wide; his last fight and post fight interview was viewed world wide on UFC Fight Pass and in the UK on BT Sport, as well as all associated media outlets.

His current social media interactions are :

Facebook & Instagram : reach over 3 million with 1 million video views 



Manchester BT Sport / UFC Fightpass


Paul has currently signed a 5 fight deal with Cage Warriors to be shown on BT Sport in the UK and Ireland, and UFC Fight Pass around the world, the first in Manchester, followed quickly by Belfast fighting in the Odyssey Arena in front of a probable sell out home crowd.

Cage Warriors 5 Fight Deal

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Play to see Cage Warriors post fight interview clip


Now is a great time to come on board as a major sponsor to help Paul achieve his first ambition to be World Champion.

but there are lots of brilliant fighters? so why support Paul? What makes him so different?

Why Choose Paul Hughes


  • World Champion mind set;

  • Huge work ethic; 

  • Skills at a level above the rest;

  • World class talent with 24/7  hard work to maximise it;

  • but much more than this he has a passion and a belief in what he does, he is driven with one short term goal to be World Champion; he has a confidence beyond his years that is only seen in exceptional athletes. 

the 'SPECIAL'' factor

Paul Hughes MMA has that something special factor thats only seen in those exceptional athletes and stars that rise above the rest;

it could be his massive personality and charisma;

in the crowd he is straight over, the big smile, asks and is genuinely interested in 'how you are doing?'

a wicked sense of humour and a personality, that you enjoy his company, and while modest a personality that quickly lifts that of all around him;

he has a humble side that does not brag nor boast of how he is doing, while all in his company know that there is something special about this young man and it will not be long before he is a house hold name;

its hard to put your finger on what that special factor is that the likes of Ali, Ronaldo, Keane, Phelps, Tiger, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Brian O'Driscoll, Bradley Wiggins, Tony McCoy etc have, but we know that Paul Hughes MMA has this and the world is on the verge of knowing it.


Paul Hughes Mental Health Speaker



Paul is aware of his following both locally and beyond through media and social media; he is aware also of his responsibility as a young role model, and uses his position to promote positive messages particularly in mental health strategies and suicide prevention, speaking on podcasts, and at events at schools, universities and mental health charities.